General information about sustainability and food:

National Geographic: Feeding 9 billion

Stockholm Environment Institute: Feeding 9 billion people possible, but only with more sustainable agriculture

The Economist: The 9 billion-people question


Food purchases (available as open data as CSV)

Detailed food purchases for six months for a household of two, including product, category, organic certification, price, weight and country of origin.

UN data

Loads of international data resources from the UN

Food and Agricultue Organization (FAO) of UN statistics division
The world’s largest database on food, hunger and agricultural information

UN FAO GeoNetwork
Interactive Maps, GIS datasets, Satellite Imagery and Related Applications

The World Bank
APIs for indicators, projects, and WB financial data.

The World Bank – Climate change
Open data

Food Security
Lots of food data

World Health Organisation
Access to health and development goal data.

European Environment Agency
Data sets and maps

EU lifecycle analysis data for materials, energy, transport and waste.

Programmable web
the Web’s defacto journal of the API economy.

Relevant existing applications and initiative

A membership organisation matchmaking businesses to work together for a responsible and efficient food system.

Open source bee hives
Bringing open source to beekeeping.

Food Hackathon results
National Geographic

Plantwise knowledge bank

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